My Travel History


My parents loved and still love the security of their own home so I didn’t travel much as a child. I did a few trips during my student years and after getting married started a regular family trip tradition with my husband. 2007 I discovered my favorite artist and realized that to see concerts I want to see I need to travel, sometimes even long distances.

The first couple of trips I did together with my husband, after that I’ve mostly traveled alone. With three children we can’t often travel together. We try to make our trips together always a bit more special (more comfortable travel options, cozy hotels). When I travel alone I do my best to combine easy traveling with low costs and try to minimize the time I spend away from my family.

For that reason I keep my trips fairly short (average 2-5 days). Sometimes I travel only for one night, a few times a year for a week. Our family trips are usually a week or two and in the future I hope us to spend longer time periods in different countries, not only for music but also to to hike and to get to know different cultures.

I was hooked with concert traveling since my first trip. Nothing gives as much adrenaline and long-lasting memories as a good live concert. To my surprise I was also totally hooked with the process of traveling itself. Sitting in a foreign train for hours gives a possibility to think. Amazing how clear your thoughts can be when you give them a peaceful moment and genuinely focus on them.

I go where I can find the music I love so my next destination is always a small surprise. Of course I choose events that fit in my family schedules and places where I can find a suitable way to go to. Sometimes with several options available I choose the most interesting destinations or the best venues. However, I enjoy the surprise element and not planing too much.

I usually buy concert tickets as soon as they are available because finding last minute tickets means extra stress I want to avoid. I book hotels with a canceling option to have more flexibility and buy my flights as late as possible to keep my options open. That needs some practice; buying too late makes flights also too expensive for my budget.

I travel light. Minimalist traveling means often nomad style, leaving behind the regular life style, maybe working online from exotic locations, packing a sarong and a mysterious soup suitable for washing hair and brushing teeth… And that sounds tempting and lovely for those who can make it happen but it’s not something everyone can easily mix with their average family life, work, schools, urban traveling, busy schedules, meetings and events.

I wanted to combine easy traveling with my normal family life and the solution was to live simple, minimalistic life both at home and while traveling, to find some easy routines and to have less everything. Traveling became just one side of my normal life which naturally moved to a more minimalistic direction. I’ve worked hard to create healthy habits, I don’t want my trips to mess my them or put my regular family life upside down. Instead, my goal is to make traveling as easy as possible both to myself and to my family.

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