Light & Easy

My travel wardrobe is based on my everyday minimalistic wardrobe. I have only a few essential pieces and love it how easy that makes my life. I used to have a bigger wardrobe but needed only a small portion of it so it made sense to declutter the unnecessary clothes.

There are several systems for building a minimalist wardrobe (10 item wardrobe challenge, project 333) but as a lazy person I can’t bother counting my clothes and developed my own. I call it the pile system. I analyzed my everyday outfit and noticed I almost always wear a kind of a uniform: jeans, a T-shirt (short or long sleeved), a knitted sweater (depending on weather) and a scarf (for my cold allergy).

I made a pile for each different uniform category and added an extra pile for special occasions (a couple of dresses). There’s no need for counting, it’s easy to estimate if the pile is high enough or not. Three pair of jeans, 5-7 T-shirts, 3-5 sweaters. Baskets for scarves, socks and underwear.

It’s simple to pack something from every pile depending on how many days I’m planning to travel. My schedules are busy so I take at least one clean T-shirt and underwear for every day. If I know I will have time or facilities for laundry (like when staying in a rented apartment) I take clothes for two or three days and wash them as many times as necessary.


As a backbag I use a Fjällräven Kånken 17 inch laptop backbag and absolutely adore this lightweight, durable classic! The one I use is a new one, not because the previous one didn’t last but because I gave it to my son to use as a school bag. Kånken opens like a suitcase and is super easy to pack and unpack and everything stays in order.

I keep my travel cosmetics in a one liter plastic bag (easy to show at security checks) and have two cosmetic bags for small items: tiny one for make-up items and another one for electronics (mobile and camera charger, small hard drive, adapter, cables). I carry also a MacBook Air, a mobile, a small camera (Sony RX100 III) and a leather camera bag I found on Etsy.

I keep my small wallet and travel documents safely in the backbag laptop pocket and leave the small pocket for medicine, tissues and hair brush. I often add a travel size umbrella, a folded tote (for carrying food etc) and warm socks for flights and that’s all I think.

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