Travel Cosmetics

I travel with hand luggage only so I want my travel cosmetics to fit in a one liter plastic bag. However, I also like to maintain my simple cosmetic rituals during my trips; the idea is to integrate traveling into my everyday life and not to skip routines. My selection contains only essentials, below what I usually carry with me.

Toothbrush and toothpaste, lip balm. No need to explain this.

Deodorant and a fragrance. I will explain this a little bit. Some people smell naturally good. I’m not one of them. No matter how often I plan to shower I always carry a deodorant and a fragrance. I use regular size deodorant (travel size bottles can’t usually be re-filled) and try to buy it aluminium-free (not easy to find suitable). I like unisex perfumes and use Jo Malone small bottles (30 ml) or carry my favorite 50 ml bottle in case something important is happening.

Same with hair. I need to wash my average Scandinavian hair every morning and I prefer doing it with a shampoo/conditioner/styling product suitable for my sad hair quality. I usually fill small travel bottles with my regular shampoo and conditioner, Muji travel bottles are the best I’ve seen so far (in my experience the only label that doesn’t leak).

However, I just recently discovered solid shampoo and conditioner bars from Lush and immediately fell in love them. The shampoo is creamy, smells fresh and contains sea salt giving my hair some volume. I added both shampoo and conditioner into my everyday selection and use them at home as well (having less plastic bottles is a big bonus!).

Face moisturizer (always obligatory), face wash, maybe a few face wipes (travel size) for removing make-up. Again, my skin is sensitive to react and stays in better condition if I use my regular face wash/moisturizer every day and make no changes in my routines while traveling.

Hand cream. No need to explain.

Small make-up selection (maximum five products, at least mascara goes into the plastic bag).

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