My attitude towards minimalism is quite simple. It’s a tool and a practical way to make my life easier. Using less time for shopping, organizing, cleaning and taking care of my belongings means more time for things I find genuinely important: spending time with my family, traveling, reading and writing. I’m easily distracted so having less around helps also my focusing and makes me generally more productive.

I’ve always been interested in simplifying but several years ago discovered some pioneering minimalist bloggers and got a lot of new inspiration. I’m a loyal reader and still regularly follow their blogs and suggest checking out their sites if you want to know more about minimalism/simplifying.

Zen Habits. What I liked and still like in Leo Babauta’s successful blog is his serene tone. Breath. It’s going to be all right. There are some important things in life – health, family, relationships – take care of them and work for what you think is worth it.

The Minimalists. These guys are professionals. They write, speak and spread the word. They teach, show example and aim to contribute. I admire their work and hope to hear them speaking some day.

Becoming Minimalist. Joshua Becker writes about family life and rational minimalism. We can all have our own definition for minimalism. Do what works best for you and your family. I enjoy his practical attitude and especially articles and links about consumerism.

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