Books & Reading


The quiet hours sitting in planes or trains are my favorite moments to focus on reading. Everyday life is full of responsibilities and one of the main motives for my minimalism is the extra time I can now spend doing things I like (traveling, reading) instead of things I dislike (shopping, cleaning). I want to finally give myself a permission to read as much as I like. I often find myself thinking “I should be doing something useful and not read” when the right attitude is actually “I should be doing something useful and read”.

Reading books and teaching our children to read books is one of the most useful things we can do. In fact, I can’t think any other way to make the world a better place or us more understanding and open-minded than reading as much as possible, as many kind of books as possible. The need to apologize my reading must come from the childhood, I was reading all the time and everywhere and often made fun of it.

After my children were born I read years only children’s books, I really didn’t have time for anything else. My boys had an extremely large amount of energy, I felt I lived in the middle of the circus except the moments I took a book and started to read it aloud. It worked like magic. The boys stopped whatever they were doing, sat still and focused listening as long as I kept reading. I’m a lousy housekeeper but the hours I’ve spent reading to my kids are numerous. Now they all like reading (more or less) and my husband – who has a better voice for that – still reads to our teenage boys every single night.

I’m a moody reader. It means I like to have books around me but I start a particular book only when the moment feels good and the book suitable for my mood. I like smart, well-thought text but often avoid books too heavy and melancholic. I want words to make me think but not depressed. I usually prefer good structure over continuos flows of words and exhausting sentences but try to consciously read different styles and not be too picky.

I read cooking books rather than cook and procrastinate my yoga practice reading yoga books (love their spirituality). I keep reading writing books even I’m not ambitious with my own writing. I read criminal stories the same way I eat chocolate reminding myself to leave space for something genuinely nutritious. I love odd characters and surreal, bizarre stories with a hint of reality, plot changes that are unexpected but somehow make sense in the end.

My favorite writer is probably Danish Peter Hoeg, I love by his philosophical style, weird stories and especially the way he describes unconventional family dynamics giving his young characters unusual capability, understanding and perception. Children can be so intelligent and strong from early age. We can’t shape their true personality. Sooner or later their mind and will and own opinions come out and the earlier they can genuinely express themselves the better and happier for everyone.

The best text goes on like a melody and the feeling after a good book is often like after a good concert, full and empty at the same time. Does it really have to end? My plan now is simply to share my travel reading when I think it’s worth it. Book recommendations are always welcome. What are your favorites at the moment?

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