Family home








I love the idea of an extremely minimalistic house. Fresh empty space and just a few beautiful pieces of furniture. Only very basic essentials. A few books. I like to image that in my mind and would enjoy it in reality.

However, our house is a family home. There are five of us. During weekends my sister in law and his little son join us for lunch and my friend visits us and sometimes stays overnight. I often cook for 8 people using 10 litre pots and pans. My family members run, skate, ski, play football and do martial arts. We all like reading and have books everywhere.

I’ve settled our minimalism on a family level. I want to slowly take it to a more extreme level but at the moment the most important for me is that I can easily keep everything organized, that every item has their own place and that all the counter tops are clutter-free and that way easy to clean.

These are some of my basic “rules” for what I have at home and how I store it.

  • I keep only items I use regularly. I make my kitchen more minimalistic every time I organize it. If I haven’t used something for two months I can obviously live without it. I have kept a few vintage serving dishes I use only at family celebrations and store them in a separate cabinet.
  • If I want to keep items just because I love them and they bring me joy it needs to be something I can see and enjoy every day. Small porcelain dogs my grandmother gave me when I was a little girl are in my favorite kitchen cabinet behind a glass door.
  • My book rule tells to keep only the books I want to read again, the books I can recommend to someone in my family and the books that have had a huge and important impact on me (the books that partly made me who I am).
  • It’s important to have clearly labeled and big enough storage space for every item group. My sons have separate shelves in their closets for their sport outfits and there are labeled boxes for skates and footballs in our basement. We have a separate closet for linens and towels and two closets for coats and shoes in our hallway.
  • Everything looks organized when grouped with similar items. Books look actually cozy when nicely piled. Every boy has their school books piled in their own piles, I have whatever I’m reading that moment piled on my desk and I’ve collected some favorite postcards and kids’ arts and crafts above the living room chest.

I have always wanted a family like this. I always dreamed that my husband and I will have three sons and a dog and now we have and they all are even more amazing than I ever imagined. My (definition of) perfect includes a little mess, I just want my home to be practical and my everyday life simple, easy and not overwhelming.

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