This my dog Maggie May. She came to live with us from a Spanish dog shelter almost 8 years ago. She had been a family dog and had just recently arrived to the shelter so they asked us to take her to find her a new home as soon as possible. We said yes and impatiently waited her arriving on a cold winter day just before Christmas.

We loved her immediately. We were told she is a senior dog but seemed to be in her prime age and has been – considering her age – in a good health all these years. She is gentle but stubborn and has a lot of personality and we two get along well. We are not as close as I was with my previous dog who was my closest friend but she has learnt to trust us and seems to feel very safe with us.

She is a lovely companion at home. I read or write and she takes it easy and then we share a cookie. We both are introverts and like our privacy and are very much alike that way. She is sweet but not so much into company of other dogs and goes wild only when she meets her favorite dog: a young, strong and very energetic American Staffordshire Terrier who we occasionally meet during our walks.

As Maggie must be almost 16 years old this friendly, playful and extremely strong young male terrier is obviously a bit too wild to play with but she adores him and can’t resist joining a little wrestle with him. She keeps looking at me like explaining ” oh this play is too much for me but love him so much” and I keep answering “I know sweetie, I know that feeling”. That’s exactly how I feel in a very pushy festival crowd when I would appreciate something calmer but simply can’t stay away because I want to hear the music.

I took these pictures maybe six years ago but she still looks the same even she is now older and naturally slower. I found the photos while trying to organize and save my old photos which always seems to be a nightmarish project. I’ve come to a conclusion there’s no perfect, easy and secure way to store digital photos. That’s how I see it. Just do what you can, use at least two (preferably three) different systems and hope for the best.

I take a lot of concert photos during my trips and for that reason need a sturdy but still light and small portable hard disc to carry with my laptop. I have a website for my gig photos and I upload my favorites there after every concert (so at least those pics are safe and easy to find) but have still thousands of photos to store. My old hard discs seem to collapse one by one so I’m currently moving everything into a cloud system.

I don’t think there’s an easy solution for any digital storing. Whatever we do the technology we are using becomes old at some point. I go through my archives from time to time and make new storing decisions if needed. It’s a huge job but gives a possibility to go trough some great memories like these moments with my Maggie.

I love being with animals, they are easy to trust. With people it’s different, everyone has their own definition of honesty and loyalty. One of my dreams is to open a senior home for old shelter dogs. For them it’s more difficult to find a home than it is for younger ones. I’m traveling too much at the moment and my family needs to agree with this big commitment but maybe it will happen some day.

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