When I was a child my mother used to create Christmas during the night before Christmas Eve while I was sleeping. I woke up and it had just happened. The whole house was clean and decorated and smelled Christmassy, another cake was in the oven and I could start my morning tasting cookies and decorating the tree, the job left for me.

I still can’t understand how she did it, it felt like magic and was always the best part of my Christmas. We had our usual Christmas traditions and I got a few gifts as well but even opening them wasn’t as exciting as waking up and seeing how everything had magically changed during the night. Otherwise I didn’t much care about Christmas. I skipped the food and spent my holidays just watching Christmas films and reading and that’s basically what I still like to do. It’s the magical thought behind Christmas I like, not the season in reality.

I still don’t like Christmas food and it feels such a waste to cook a plenty of it for three days when no one really likes it and we always end up having too much leftovers. Christmas decorations are overwhelming, Santa and his elves a bit creepy as characters and traditional Finnish Christmas songs incredibly  depressing. A little bird bringing a message from heaven and freezing almost to death on Christmas day is too much for me.

I can’t create Christmas magic the way my mother used to do (and still does if we spend our Christmas with my parents) but I’ve tried to create a few traditions my kids can hopefully later remember. We always spend a whole weekend baking and decorating hundreds of Christmas cookies, my teenage sons are still happy to do it. I leave the tree for them to decorate on Christmas Eve and let them spend their holidays watching films, reading and eating cookies just like I used to do when I was a child.

This is the time of the year when minimalism blogs post non-material gift ideas and I realized I haven’t given gifts much thought at all. Reading and music (digital if you like) and something to eat or drink work always well. I can’t wait to declutter my house for Christmas to start the new year fresh and energetic but this year I will definitely skip Christmas food and cook something everyone likes. Wishing you lovely winter days xxx

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