Finding a balanced approach is getting easier and I hope to be more active with my minimalism blog in the future. I realized already in the beginning that I can’t write about traveling during my trips. It made me feel too busy and I automatically drop things too busy or overwhelming. Also, traditional travel blogging doesn’t feel my style at all. I don’t need once in lifetime experiences all the time and one after another, traveling becomes more interesting if it makes the world open in front of us in an ordinary way.

The same goes with minimalism. Everyday simplicity is way more beautiful than a little bit elitistic aproach where we buy less but still focus on labels or hunting only rare experiences. The real quality of life comes from small ordinary things and from freedom to make our everyday life as we want it to be and understanding all that is extremely liberating. We might have (and usually do have) our responsibilities and somehow limited resources but we can always decide how we treat ourselves or other people, who we listen to and let to have an impact on us and how we react or choose in different situations.

I have a clear picture in my mind how I would like my life to be and actually it’s in my power to make it like that. I can live a healthy, active life, take my influence where I want to, have my own opinions and use my time and energy exactly like I choose to. Just as an example, there are millions of books in the world and I can pick whatever I want to read next. I’m free to surround myself with whatever I want to and feel lucky to have all this freedom. My every day is how I make it.

I read some random articles about starting the year and learnt that according to numerology this is my fourth personal year which means doing groundwork, building a base and making an effort throughout the year to make proggress later. It hadn’t come to my mind I could need numerology in my life but making an effort or building a strong base can’t be a bad thing. I can’t remember last time I made any personal progress – I just can’t remember – so it could be a suitable time to work a little bit harder than I’ve done in the past few years.

I’ve always liked the idea of finding a new word for every new year. Previous years I’ve picked words related to themes I’ve expected to happen in my life so I haven’t needed their guidance for real. This time a suitable word came to my mind surprisingly clearly. The word is light and it seems right in every sense. I want to feel light in every meaning of the word. Also, I want to learn to be more the kind of a person who spreads light and happiness instead of negativity.

I also like words like honesty (I prefer being honest and people being honest with me), love (no explanation for that needed) and family (mine is happy, loud, very opinionated and quite unusual, just like I’ve always wanted) but those three words are something I like to keep with me every year. What are your favorite words? What do you want from your life and how do you want to describe yourself as a person?

Wishing you all a happy new year and all the best for 2017! xxx

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