Adding green: home

One of the advantages of having less at home is the extra space even in small apartments. The best thing is you don’t need to fill that space, you can just enjoy it. Fresh and clean empty space leaves room for energy to flow around.

Having less means also less distraction. I love being able to focus on reading, writing or studying and often enjoy just watching my family being focused on something, whatever they are doing. We all like spending time at home, doing our own things.

Home is meant for people and animals. At the moment we sadly don’t have animals living in our house. Our dear dog Maggie was old and not feeling comfortable because of her illness so before Christmas we decided it’s best for her to let her go. I miss her terribly, I still expect to hear her walking around the house.

With less stuff I’ve suddenly started to think my home could also be for plants. I’ve always loved fresh flowers but never learnt to take care of green plants like my mother does. The urge to have that kind of green power around me is new but surprisingly strong.

Luckily green seems to be trendy, it was easy to find both information and inspiration. I found these two books: Green Home Book by Susanna Vento & Riikka Kantinkoski (text both in Finnish and English) and Urban Jungle by Igor Josifovic & Judith de Graaff (in English).

The first one is simple and easy to read and offers Scandinavian style and a lot of useful information about plants, the latter one cozy and inspirational with long interviews, personal stories and house introductions. I’m very pleased with both and think these two can create a working combination.

“I don’t look at my plants as decorative objects. Rather, I look at them with love and care – just like a person I love.”

The quote from Urban Jungle is a lovely thought. Reminds me of my childhood when my mother got small green leaves from friends and relatives and made them grow giant, healthy plants that eventually filled our living room. She probably still has some of them.

I want to find a simple way to do something like that. I will keep you updated.

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