A few decades ago things were made to last. I have a small blender bought when I was at school age more than 30 years ago and I still use it every time I make vegetable soup and almost fear the time I have to replace it, quality like that is now hard to find. In my childhood we used everything as long as the item worked (remarkably longer than these days) and after that it was repaired and used again. We didn’t have money to buy things just for fun so every purchase had to be carefully considered.

Now products are not even meant to last and what bothers me most is the general attitude in consuming. It’s acceptable to by something new all the time. People are encouraged to continuously throw away and buy new even the more we do it the smaller the benefit is. We can’t find what we are looking for by buying stuff.

My goal is to make every new buying decision with thought and consideration and to be honest, it’s harder than I had thought. I haven’t totally reached my goal yet. I dislike shopping and sadly in a hurry still sometimes buy things I later regret. Luckily, having less makes me more mindful. I love the calm feeling coming from having only what I really need and what I really like and ruining that feeling by buying something only for a short-term cure seems day by day more and more insane.

My mother in law makes rag rugs using old linens she cuts and weaves. I love these personal, unique rugs. This Christmas she gave us the rugs she had made using old flowery linens (that’s why the unusual color) my husband and I got as a wedding gift 20 years ago referring to our 20th anniversary a couple of months ago. Such a beautiful, satisfying thought that something was given us so many years ago, used well and then carefully cut to make these rag rugs. I will put them in our bedroom knowing they reflect more love and meaning than any randomly bought stuff ever could.

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