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One of my favorite ever books about health and balanced life is Ayurveda for your mind (2012) by Janesh Vaidya, a Kerala based, internationally known ayurveda practitioner and lecturer. I love the book because of its sensible, logical style and because it gives a lot to think about whether you already know about ayuerveda or not or even feel skeptical about it. I must have read the book three or four times already and I love it how I discover something new every time.

The latest ayurveda book from the author (in Finnish: Ayurvedinen keittokirja, ruokavalio kehosi mukaan) was out 2014 but I bumped into it only a few weeks ago and now finally reading it and planning to test the recipes during the next few weeks. The concept can look complicated until you get to know it but the recipes seem simple and easy to cook. The original book was published in Swedish and has so far been translated in Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch and German and hopefully later also in English. Meanwhile I highly recommend the previous book mentioned above. It’s not only about food but also and mainly about mind and balanced inner life.

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