My favorite way to experience music goes well together with my minimalist life style. Music is best experienced live. Nothing, absolutely nothing beats a good live gig. The pic above was taken a couple of weeks ago at a new music club in Helsinki. This is something I do together with my husband. Our favorite local artist, a small special venue, good time spent together.

I store very little music in any form. I’m a huge, huge fan of one particular international artist and travel to see gigs and different music events all around the world. Going to concerts (I do that mostly alone) fills a big part of my music related needs. I don’t listen to music on the background at home, I like silence.

As a fan I buy physical albums to show my support and to have the cover art but I’m not a big collector that way either. At the moment I store my small collection in our study. Music collections are like libraries. If your vinyl collection is important to you, organize and keep it. Otherwise just use iTunes or create playlists on Spotify.

When I want to listen to music at home I choose the song carefully. It’s like a ritual, my little break. I have a cup of coffee, I choose one song according to my mood.

I have a few old vinyls in my in-laws’ house (brought them there probably 20 years ago) and consider bringing them back home. It wouldn’t make my life more minimalist but I somehow miss that old-school experience. Holding a record in my hands, putting it in the player and listening to good music. Just like that, in the middle of the day.

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