No shopping (wardrobe update)


Becoming a minimalist is not the hardest part. It can be a lot of work, depending on if you live alone or have a big family, are organized to begin with or live in a chaos. It means going through every area of your life, organizing your whole house, grouping everything you own, considering what is important and what is not and finding ways to give away your extra belongings. Maybe doing all this several times to have the result you are finally pleased with.

The biggest challenge is still to maintain the ideal situation. If not careful we are quickly back where we started. Clutter is flowing into our lives in so many forms. We have to deal with the seasonal gift giving circus and our own comfort buying and generally to be ready to consider every single purchase and buy only what we both need and like (to be happy with it years to come). We have to be reasonable all the time.

Personally I find mindful buying difficult, mainly because I dislike shopping in general. I dislike crowded shops, choosing from too many options, trying on unflattering clothes, all what shopping includes. Too often I want it all to be over as quickly as possible, buy something I think I need (for example for an important occasion or to replace a broken item) and regret my purchase later. I’m rarely satisfied with what I bought.

I’ve noticed having a very small wardrobe helps me with this issue. Adding something to a small group (of clothes) makes me consider more. Every piece “stands out” and I don’t want to add anything I don’t like for real. I’ve been going through my wardrobe and decided I want it to be smaller than it was (it’s still big enough for my needs) and that I won’t buy anything in the near future. Also, when I eventually buy something, I will do it using a lot of consideration.

Basically my wardrobe consists of a couple of jeans, a pile of t-shirts and a small pile of sweaters or light jackets. You can see the most of it in the pic. Two pair of pajama pants and a couple of t-shirts were in the laundry pile.

There are a few additional pieces. My friend helped me to buy a black cocktail dress for my Florence trip and I liked it and will definitely keep it (same for the black shoes I bought to wear with the dress). I have a good pile of running clothes my husband (who loves running) helped me to buy (a jacket, pants x 2, a woolen under shirt, running shoes x 2). Also, I have a few seasonal pieces (one summer dress, bikinis, two winter coats), a few pair of shoes and a basket for accessories (useful in our climate).

No need for shopping now. The situation will change when longer trips coming (I will need more t-shirts for that).

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