5 reasons why minimalism is good for me

I was recently talking about minimalism with someone and tried to rationally explain why I personally like having less these days and why I’m so interested in minimalism I read books about it and even write a minimalism blog. I came up with 5 main reasons.

Number one: It makes my life easier. Minimalism makes any busy situation easier and can be a huge help for families with small children. My kids are now teenagers and I wish I had made our life more minimalistic many years ago. I’ve always been interested in a simple life style and think we have always had a very average amount of stuff. However, our life would have been easier with less.

Imagine being always able to focus on the good side of your family life. Reading to your children, spending time outdoors, walking in parks, having picnics, going to libraries and museums and generally just being interested in life and teaching that to your kids too. I remember doing all that – I’m a stay at home mum and have always spent a lot of time with my kids – but I also remember how difficult it was to handle the usual family chaos, have always piles of laundry, a messy kitchen and toys all over the house. I think my whole family enjoys the current situation and having less clutter in our house.

Number two: It helps me to focus. If I’m really interested in something I can escape into my own world and just ignore the mess around me. However, doing something less interesting, even when it’s still important and useful, can sometimes be challenging if I have too much stimulation around me. Having a clutter-free and organized environment helps me to focus, especially on details and learning new things. Every fifth adult person and many kids are sensitive this way and having a clutter-free environment can be useful and helps to stay calm and focused.

Number three: I love simple elegance. This is a matter of personal taste I guess. I’m not a fan of an extremely hard minimalistic style but love simplicity and enjoy having a simple home because it makes me feel serene and calm inside.

Number four: Minimalism makes me to consider my purchases and find lasting, durable objects. Throw-away attitude and overconsumption is bad for our planet and that’s something we all should be aware of on everyday basis. Buying less and buying things we can use years to come is an ecological choice.

Number five: I have more time for important things in my life. This is something I already mention in my first point but it goes with everything. The less time (and money) I use shopping, cleaning and taking care of the stuff the more I can use doing things I love and find important. I generally prefer the situation where I don’t need to give “stuff” much thought at all. This is why I like to write also about other topics in my life.

It’s simple that way. There are so many more interesting things in the world than the stuff we buy and own.

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