Positive cycle


I don’t believe in having only sunny, happy days. I think it’s natural to have also melancholic feelings and it’s natural to let those feelings show. For me it feels fake to pretend they don’t exist. Maybe I see it this way because I live in a Nordic country so I’m used to seeing how darkness and nature during long winters can affect human mind.

However, for things to go smoothly it’s important we work for our moods and maintain a good, positive energy level in our everyday life. The state where things happen like we had hoped for and in perfect timing sounds mystical but is actually easily created in a form of a positive cycle. The same way clutter attracts more clutter (just make a few piles on your countertop and watch them to grow bigger) a small success attracts more success.

Experiment it raising your personal energy level and try accomplishing something small. It makes you feel so good about yourself you want to accomplish a little bit more and suddenly a beginning for a new positive cycle is created. By doing something that makes you feel good you also automatically send positive vibes around you and that usually gives you a positive response from your environment as well (confirming you are doing things right).

For some reason we sometimes forget this logical process and sometimes it’s just hard to shift our energy to a higher level. As adults we are all responsible for own happiness. (Obviously not talking about serious depression here and hope that everyone suffering from that can get all medical help and support they need. Talking about normal everyday happiness which I genuinely believe is something we need to take care of ourselves.)

As grown-ups we are quite alone with our personal problems. No one usually cares if we are tired, sad or worried unless there are real, concrete ways people can help us. We just have to deal with life and usually, doing something that makes us feel better and more positive is a good start. After that it’s easier to see solutions for real problems or simply accomplish something small that can, in turn, turn into something bigger.

Things to do that can instantly make you feel better and give a positive attitude and a higher energy level:

  • Declutter and make room for good things to arrive. Let in new possibilities.
  • Clean your house, let in fresh air and organize your book shelf. Feel being in control of your life.
  • Create a tiny wardrobe that fits to your style. Not holding on to years old clothes might also lead to a more positive body image.
  • Edit your digital spaces. Works almost as well as editing physical spaces.
  • Edit your diet and eat healthy, colorful food.
  • Exercise.
  • Walk outdoors and spend time in nature.
  • Spend time with animals. Nothing – absolutely nothing – gives more comfort than animal company.
  • Work in your garden. If you don’t have a garden, create a tiny one. Grow flowers and plants.
  • Think what colors give you most joy and use them in everyday situations.
  • Use all your senses. Enjoy sounds and scents and let them make you happy, calm or safe without adding clutter in your home.
  • Create something with your hands. Bake. Make a paper collage.
  • Write.
  • Listen to your favorite music. Read a good book. Watch your favorite film. Go to see a music, theater or dance performance.
  • Plan your next trip.
  • Visit a museum or a botanical garden or have a walk in a beautiful park.
  • Make love.
  • Have a good rest. Usually works like wonders.

These are just examples. Choose whatever makes you feel better and gives you enough energy to study or work or find solutions and that way leads to small personal success starting another positive cycle. More good things will follow that.

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