Not hidden in corners

Clutter hidden in corners feels emotionally heavy. It takes space in my mind using my capacity even I don’t actively think of it. I just know it’s there. Letting go makes me more energetic. It lifts my spirit and I can feel how the stagnant energy previously stored in unnecessary, unwanted items is suddenly free for me to use as I like.

It doesn’t have to be unwanted stuff. Sometimes we don’t value things enough. I’m still amazed how big an effect it had to move our books from upstairs corners to our downstairs living room. We used to have bookshelves just for storing books. I never really used them. I just added books when I was done with them or didn’t have time to read them. Then I forgot them.

Having the books in the middle of the house means I can see them as soon as I come home and open my front door. I can see them in the morning the moment I step out the bedroom. I use the library every day. I search for information, keep opening books to remind me of interesting topics and read books I had forgotten I even had at home. I organize my library and want to make it better quality. I want to read better quality books.

It’s nothing fancy, it’s just two walls of books and a sofa in my favorite color but it seems to have an effect on my whole life. I put fresh flowers on the library table and just watch how pretty it looks. I plan “library parties” I want to organize in my new space. I clean the whole house and want everything around the library to look organized.

What was I thinking keeping our books stocked upstairs? I can’t tell. Many people interested in minimalism prefer not having any collections and that’s a very practical solution. However, if you like to keep yours there’s definitely no point hiding it. Consider if the collection is important enough for you to keep it and if so, find a suitable place for it to enjoy it every single day.

I have a few concert posters that remind me of some special events and I’ve kept them stored in my closet but recently had them framed and now consider putting them on my kitchen wall and adding my old vinyls and a small record player next to them to create a small “music cafe”. Unconventional maybe and not sure if it can work in reality – I like my kitchen minimalistic and this can be too much – but I like the idea of listening to music while cooking, very tempting.

Sometimes non-material clutter can be equally heavy. Unfinished projects, online spaces, social media accounts. You try to put something aside or hide it in the corners of your mind and it’s still there. Whatever it is, face it. Let it go. If it’s important make it work for you. Value it and feel grateful of it.

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