Packing for family holidays

I would love to have a beautiful, stylish wardrobe where every item has personality and is carefully considered and preferably handmade or second hand. Unfortunately I’m not patient enough for that. I’m not willing to use the time or make an effort and usually choose an easy option: basics. Most of my clothes are very basic. Jeans, basic shirts, maybe a black dress.

All my t-shirts had little holes in them and I needed something for summer so I added a few pieces to my small wardrobe. I was looking for white trousers and found a pair of white stretch trousers I liked and bought them also in navy (practical for autumn as well). I replaced my old worn out shirts with a few new t-shirts and bought a sleeveless black bamboo dress. I’ve only recently learnt to know bamboo material and love how comfortable and strong it is.

We are leaving for family holidays tomorrow. I didn’t plan my packing carefully, I just quickly packed two summer dresses, two pairs of trousers, jeans shorts and a few t-shirts and some items not included in the pics above (underwear, an extra pair of shoes, swimming suit, technical equipments). Obviously this is not enough for the whole holiday but I’m planning to wash t-shirts and underwear when necessary and just hope for the best and don’t want to make my packing too complicated but keep it very simple.

I have seven books in my bag, I couldn’t control myself! I read an article by Jonas Hassen Khemiri a couple of weeks ago and loved his writing style so I’m taking Everything I Don’t Remember to Italy with me along with six other books (both fiction and non-fiction). I will make a complete books list after my holidays and add photos from Naples soon. X

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