Italy: Naples

Our long weekend in Naples is over and we are heading to Apulia this morning. Just a few days and I’m already in love with the city. I’m quite easy this way. If there’s a volcano and the place is a bit shabby I probably like it. Naples is very much like Catania that way and I like the both places. I generally enjoy Italy and the southern part is a great place to find gluten-free food (pizza, pasta, even pastries) which makes it an easy destination for my family. Unfortunately The Mount Vesuvius area was closed due to fires so we couldn’t see it from close distance. I’ve been to Naples only once before and this was the first visit for my family so we chose very typical things to do. We spent one day learning history and visiting Pompeii and underground Naples and did a long and interesting tour with a private guide (expensive but totally worth the money). We walked around little alleys admiring laundry drying everywhere, ate pizza and took a ferry to Capri where we accidentally walked into a quiet, really good quality restaurant and had an amazing lunch before taking a boat to the Blue Grotto. Summer holiday things.

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