Meet Kielo

Meet our new family member Kielo. She was born in Romania where she was unwanted in her family and even treated badly until she was lucky to be rescued by a kind lady who helps dogs like her and gives them a temporary home while finding them new suitable homes. We saw Kielo’s picture on our local rescue dog association page and knew immediately she should live with us and went through the adoption process and finally met Kielo last Saturday and brought her home.

She is beautiful and playful and has a lot of personality and she fits in our family so incredibly well that having her here feels something that was meant to happen. She was like one of us from the beginning. We call her Kielo which means lily of the valley in Finnish. The flower symbolizes joy and happiness and she will surely bring us both.

She is six months old so she is still a puppy but quite stubborn already and a lot of work indeed. Taking care of her is like taking care of a hyper active toddler. “This is like having a baby all over again!” said my husband after the weekend and I had to agree and we both laughed.

Kielo has a huge amount of energy and she’s constantly chewing something she shouldn’t like tables, chairs, cables or even books and we need to watch her every single moment and keep her busy playing and offering her something suitable to chew. She barks at everything as well. She has lived her first months with dozens of other dogs so naturally even ordinary things are new and strange to her and she needs time to get used to well, practically everything.

My husband has always been very patient with animals and he talks to them with a gentle, special voice and I love watching him with Kielo. Our older boys are busy with their studies but our youngest son loves animals as much as we do and that was one of the reasons we decided to have a new dog. In the age of 14 he is now old enough to take some responsibility so he will be the one helping my husband with Kielo when I’m traveling.

Pretty little dog, isn’t she? I’m so grateful she is with us now.

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