Animal therapy

October was a busy month for me, too busy to focus on writing about minimalism but I will do that again as soon as things have settled down. I spent a lot of time in Milan last month. I’m not that excited about the city itself but some important things were happening there and I tried  to do small things to become familiar with the place while I was there as well, mostly just walked around and had a goal to visit a couple of different cafes and restaurants during my every visit.

Whenever I had a couple of extra hours I went to this cat cafe just a few minutes away from the central station. It was not as amazing as the cat restaurant in Rome – there’s a fabulously cozy cat restaurant in Rome – but it was quiet and their gluten-free cake was delicious and I like going to places where everyone likes animals. I assume they do, otherwise they wouldn’t visit a cafe with that many rescue cats, and sitting in the cafe felt always like having a small rest in an animal therapy bubble.

At home our life is focused around our new puppy Kielo. She’s not an average puppy, she’s very special and extreme in many ways. She’s adorable and she’s extremely friendly with both people and other dogs. Everyone loves her. She’s also quite challenging. She has a lot of energy and it’s difficult to find ways to channel it. She doesn’t like regular walks, she seems to think she’s a wild animal. She prefers to spend hours in nature and we try to do that as often as we can.

She has a huge need to chew everything and with that I really mean everything. In a few weeks she has eaten furniture, curtains, carpets, books and numerous rolls of toilet paper. When my son tells at school the dog ate his homework he means it in a very literal way. That dog has eaten his homework more than once. She doesn’t destroy things when she’s alone. She destroys things when she’s with us and she wants to make sure we see her and don’t forget her. I think the universe brought her to us because she’s such a special dog.

My husband is being extra patient and gentle with her and I love him for that. He keeps training her and calls her a good girl using a very special gentle voice and tells me not to worry because in a few months she will be over this behavior. I keep looking at them and thinking omg I’m married to that man! I’m so lucky! In my eyes that defines a person. How they use their strength and how they love and care and protect, not only people but also animals.

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