Feel the love

The 1st of January is one of my favorite days every year. I love love love it. Dark, tired things always pile up towards the end of the year – it happens every year, it seems to be like my personal cycle – so the beginning of January is the perfect moment to clear the table and do all those little changes I know I need to do to feel happy, healthy and light again. I could do changes any time but this is the moment I feel inspired enough to make some serious effort and I often prepare myself for it the whole dark December. This year I want to do some big changes in my everyday life and I’ve looked forward to write them down here.

First of all, I want to stop doing things that are purely waste of my time and energy and do only things that add something good and positive in my life. For example, I’ve been stuck with some unhealthy habits even I know they make me feel awful or even trigger my headaches. Some days I skip every meal and drink only coffee and that can’t be good for anyone. Also, I use too much time staring at my social media timelines and I do it so I wouldn’t feel lonely but it often makes me feel only worse. There’s no need to use that much time online, I get notifications about important updates and personal messages so I won’t miss them easily. Also, I sometimes let people who mean absolutely nothing to me to upset me with their words even though that doesn’t make any sense. I want to stop all that and I want to use my time for things that make my life better and add the quality of it. Things that are worth it, things that are important to me.

Also, this year I want to feel only love. It means that every time I catch myself being worried about things that are not in my power to change or being frustrated or annoyed or otherwise overly negative I push those thoughts aside and focus on thinking something I really love from the bottom of my heart and after that try to see the original situation differently. I focus on things like my family or my dog or the music I love. I’ve been practicing this a couple of days now and it works really well and I can highly recommend it. Love is so much more powerful than annoyance or frustration and I can already feel this is good for my health and balance. Try it. Just breath and think someone or something you really love. Feel that love and let your heart be filled with it and everything looks different after that.

The third point on my list is about books. I want “reading” to be my personal word for 2018. I want to make good progress with my reading list and I want to write notes about every book I read. I bumped into this quote by Mark Twain the other day and it really made me think: The person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read. It’s such a privilege to have time and possibilities to read a lot, would be silly from me not to do it. Reading is one of those rare things that can make everyone’s life only better and it’s something I can do both at home and while traveling and with libraries and new technology there are always good books available.

Happy New Year everyone. Sending love xxx


  1. Gerlinde

    Have a lovely 2018! I absolutely know what you mean about this date! There is no moment in a year that feels more like a relief than the first of januari.
    Do you know Alan Watts? There are a lot of his talks on youtube. Very inspiring and made me look at life in a completely different way. Feel much lighter now 🙂

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  2. I hope you have a great 2018! Those are definitely things I would like in my year ahead too – not wasting my time and energy, focussing on the positive and surrounding myself with love. I made good progress with my to-read list in 2017 and I’m looking forward to another year of reading in 2018 as well.

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