Spring cleansing

A few weeks ago I pampered myself with a professional natural beauty treatment and really loved the experience especially as it included a relaxing massage. The room was calm and had a simple beautiful decoration, I could recognize the smell of sage and my skin felt incredibly soft and clean for days afterwards. If I just could feel this clean and relaxed all the time, I thought on my way home, as an opposite to the feeling I’ve had the past few months with muscle tension, headaches and somehow stuck and slow thinking. What I wanted was my body, my mind, my house and my whole life to feel equally clean and fresh and I knew I could achieve all that by doing a proper spring cleansing. Not talking about a few days cleansing, I’m talking about a time period of at least a couple of months. I want to clean everything, I want everything toxic and dusty out of my life.

I took my notebook and wrote down a proper plan and how to clean my body, my mind and my surroundings and decided to start gradually. I started three weeks ago doing an hour of daily yoga, meditation and visualization and it was a good choice to start with as I can already feel the effects. The tension in my muscles is relieving and I feel more focused than in ages. I can also feel weird emotions going through me. For example, I’ve recently very directly told people what I think and that’s not typical for me at all, usually I leave the situation and move on as soon as possible. I’ve been too sharp for my usual style, I’ve yelled and I’ve cried and was almost scared of what’s going on until I realized this is the detox working, toxic feelings are coming out of me.

I wanted to start the year feeling only love and no tension, no frustration or any kind of annoyance at all. However, I understand there must be years of negative energy stored in my every tense muscle. We all have it unless we work to get it out and then carefully pay attention not to gain it again. Think of the posture of the happy, calm and satisfied person and the posture of the person who’s worried or feels anger and tell which one looks more tense. The latter one of course. Next time you exercise and stretch yourself enjoy the healthy, little pain you feel because that’s negative, heavy energy leaving your body, at least figuratively speaking. I’m convinced the best thing to do for myself is to get everything negative and unhappy out of my body and my mind.

I’m drinking a lot of water and already changed almost all my cosmetic products to organic ones. I hadn’t done any cosmetic shopping lately so I had to buy a few products any way and I wanted to minimize toxic ingredients around me and for that reason chose natural products. I quit white sugar two weeks ago and so far have halved my coffee consumption (this is a difficult one for me) and will for now on skip the glass of red wine I usually have on Friday nights. I don’t drink much alcohol but even small amounts of red wine can make my headaches worse. I’ve been trying to eat regularly three times a day and plan a gentle ayurvedic kitchari week maybe in two weeks and after that want to continue with healthy, ayurvedic food.

Ayurveda talks about three doshas – kind of energies – that are present in everyone: vata, pitta and kapha. Usually one of the doshas is dominating. Eating suitable foods and having suitable routine can help us to keep our balance. It was easy to identify I had some pitta problems but the concept is complicated so before Christmas I had an appointment with ayurveda specialist Pardaman Sharma who has an ayurveda health center in Helsinki. The consultation was a long interview and after that I was described as a pitta type (no surprise there) and got a list of advices and instructions how to keep my body balanced, what kind of food to eat and what routines to follow and I especially liked the advice to follow the diet only 70-80 % so it wouldn’t add any stress into my everyday life. I recently read Your Life Is Medicine by Kristen Schneider and found the book truly inspiring and the main message, telling how everyone is unique and how the best way to take care of our health is to listen to our own body, rational and sensible.

I want to equally detox my mind so I’ve included 15 minute meditation and visualization in my daily yoga. I do a simplified series and after that focus on breathing. Fresh thoughts in and dusty, somehow “old” thoughts out. I do breathing a few minutes and after that repeat some clear positive affirmations and visualize everything happening and I strongly believe this is one of the reasons I feel so determined about the project. I even visualize the new, fresh thoughts coming in and the dusty ones going out. Athletes use visualizing as one of the main parts of their daily training yet only rare people understand how much it could have an effect on their daily life. Just a few minutes and the effect is huge. As always, writing seems to clear my mind and I’m filling my notebooks faster than I usually do. I just put everything on paper. Everything, no matter how random it is, no matter how messy it looks (not saving these notebooks for later, they are just a part of the process).

Cleaning the house is the least tempting part of the cleansing in advance but I know from experience that as soon as I start I will feel urge to complete it. My plan is to clean everything properly, even walls and windows and the first step is to clear the clutter I usually skip. Our main floor is quite minimalistic but the basement is a hidden nightmare. Most of the time I pretend it doesn’t exist but it does exist and I have to clear it to feel properly clean. I want to also dust our library and that’s something I know I will enjoy doing for sure. Maybe I should also revamp my style and wardrobe? The best way is to stay focused and take one step at a time. X

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