My minimalist story


My name is Nina and I live in Helsinki with my husband and three sons. I have loved simple, uncluttered style as long as I can remember and always thought less is more. Yet I found myself living a chaotic, cluttered life with way too much everything. Our home was an average family home, we probably had an average amount of stuff and I still had difficulties in keeping my house and family life organized.

Took me hours to clean starting with collecting toys, magazines, books, clothes and laundry and it made me exhausted. I had troubles in focusing and felt distracted when dealing with important issues. I wanted to be fit and offer my family healthy food but couldn’t find energy to exercise or keep routines and found cooking in my cluttered kitchen an annoying task instead of a pleasure I wanted it to be.

I had read about simplifying and minimalism but somehow couldn’t make it my reality. Five years ago I realized it’s now or never. I couldn’t be happy living in such a cluttered environment, I needed to clear my life from everything I didn’t need. I started to group and go through my belongings documenting everything in my early minimalism blog. I collected everything I owned into suitable, labeled groups.

While grouping I already donated unnecessary things to charity. This was only a start. After going through every group again and again I donated a massive amount of unnecessary stuff. The more I got rid of the clutter the happier I felt. I loved having so much beautiful empty space in my house. What I was doing was obviously the right step to take to make my life happier and more balanced.

I did everything during a long period of time so my family had time to adjust to our more minimalistic home and to my surprise they seemed to like our new simple life and having things in order. Every family has their own level of minimalism. I like my home cozy and we have for example a large library filled with books. I just want everything at home to be useful and to bring me joy and I consider carefully before buying anything new.

Letting go has made my life easier on every level and given the freedom I need to be able to travel and to do other things I enjoy and find important. I travel light and have only essentials in my wardrobe and bathroom. Traveling light means quick packing and unpacking, no more waiting in luggage queues and no heavy carrying. I do regular uncluttering and have a few routines to keep everything tidy. Life feels pretty organized these days!